Why Atlas Geophysics?

Why use Atlas for your next geophysical or geodetic survey?

Safety is our highest priority and when you choose Atlas, you are guaranteed a safe and professionally executed survey. We feel that our safety management system is the best in the geophysical industry and that experience, common sense and a deep respect for safety itself is critically important, both from our field crews and upper management.

The company director has been involved in conducting geophysical surveys for over 18 years. Not only has he been responsible for quoting and estimating projects, but he has had extensive field experience and is familiar with every type of terrain encountered in Australia and overseas. He understands the challenges and complexities his field crew face on a daily basis.

The director of the company is a geophysicist, not a surveyor or engineer. He oversees every project and ensures an honest, personalised service is delivered to the client at all times.

We don’t employ surveyors to do geophysical processing.  Geophysical processing is carried out by Geophysicists only – just the way it should be.

The director is backed up by an experienced, motivated and extremely hardworking team of geophysicists, supervisors and technicians that, more often than not, easily meet production expectations safely and efficiently whilst collecting the highest quality data possible.

The company utilises and maintains only the latest in GPS / GNSS and instrument technologies – you won’t find us using old Trimble receivers from the mid to late nineties! A large fleet of spares and components allows the company to quickly effect malfunction or failures to reduce downtime in the field.

Ongoing research and development into new and existing technologies, software and methodologies gives us the competitive advantage over our competitors.

We prefer fixed price per station surveys, not daily rate surveys with rough estimates. With us, you don’t get a fright come invoice time! You get charged what we quote, that’s it!

We don’t just collect the data like the others. We drive it further and can process it, image it, model it and invert it. You name it, we can do it.

We have logistical bases in Perth, Adelaide and Darwin to enable rapid and cost effective deployment to all locations throughout Australia. Unlike our competitors, these are PHYSICAL offices, not just phone numbers!

We are happy to merge and reprocess your existing datasets from other contractors and correct them if necessary. Why repeat perfectly good data at great expense?

And last of all, being a small, client focused company, we are responsive, reactive and flexible when it comes to our client’s needs; it’s our job!

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