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December 2018

Woops, too busy to update our news section 🙂 The gear and men are back, and a new record is set.

341,777 new gravity stations acquired and processed in 2018!

Well done to our diligent survey crews who worked hard all year on foot, in vehicles and in helicopters, often in hot, arduous conditions. Also massive props to the boys at HQ holding it down with the processing, logistics and mechanical repairs.

What a result! Thanks to our team and thanks to our clients for the work. See you in 2019.

JUNE 2018

End of an era!  Atlas purchases the last CG5 gravity meter to come off the Scintrex factory floor.   The new acquisition means we have the capability to despatch up to 18 simultaneous gravity crews.

May 2018

Atlas begins acquisition on yet another big helicopter job, the GA Lawn Hill Gravity Survey.  About 8000 stations!

After 9 months with multiple crews, we finally got our large Fraser Range project done and dusted.  Well done to all crews!


250,000 new stations acquired and processed by Atlas!  What a massive year, our best yet.  Some huge jobs completed this year, well done all Atlas staff!  Merry Xmas and a Jolly Good New Year to all.

MARCH 2017

Coompana Gravity Survey completed!


A great start to the year, with all crews out enjoying the +40 degree temperatures :/  We commence acquisition on the GA Coompana Gravity survey next week, adding another 14,000 stations to the tally!


Atlas awarded Geological Survey of Victoria’s Stavely Gravity Survey.


Need a new drone for work or play?  Atlas is now an authorised DJI distributor and can sell, service and support your next drone.


Wiluna gravity survey completed!


Daly Basin gravity survey completed!

JULY 2016

Atlas boys head to Mexico on an expedición.  Some challenging terrain that we don’t see back here in Australia!

JUNE 2016

Atlas awarded GA/NTGS Daly Basin helicopter gravity survey in the Northern Territory.    Acquisition is expected to commence on this 2,500 station helicopter survey in July 2017.  Stations will be spaced at 4km with some infill.

Atlas awarded GA/GSWA Wiluna helicopter gravity survey in the Northern Goldfields of Western Australia.  Acquisition is expected to commence on this 17,000 station helicopter survey in July 2017.  Stations will be spaced at 2.5km.

MARCH 2016

Travelling the globe again.  Check out these photos from surveys we are carrying out in Northern Africa, on the edge of volcanoes!


Atlas welcomes experienced potential field Geophysicist Grant Coopes to the company.  With five experienced geophysicists in our team, we can confidently say the data we acquire and process is the best in the industry!


The SW Yilgarn Gravity Survey has been completed.  Final data should be on GADDS soon.


Check out this cool presentation from Tania Dhu, NTGS which showcases some of our data.  Well, actually, its all our data!  80% of the Northern Territory covered!


Atlas completes yet another large helicopter survey for NTGS in the Victoria Basin Region.  Two helicopter crews were deployed to enable continuous production on this tough survey of over 6,000 stations.  Data should be up on GADDS soon.


Atlas recently completed acquisition on the Northern Wiso Gravity Survey for NTGS.  4,988 stations were gained with ease using a helicopter and a 4km x 4km configuration.

JUNE 2015

Atlas begins acquisition on the largest road traverse gravity survey ever conducted in Australia.  Some 28,286 stations on 2km spacing!  The SW Yilgarn Gravity survey covers some special parts of Western Australia, especially the Great Southern Region.  Some incredible scenery, some brilliant wine and of course some gravity acquisition!

MAY 2015

A new fleet of serious off-roaders has been engineered by Atlas’ fabrication shop, ATFAB.  Our new Honda SXS 500’s are unbreakable off road and have been built to task using our years of experience operating in the remote, rugged regions of Australia.  ATFAB has kitted them out with custom remote mount radiators, custom bash guards plus our own plug n play tray system to carry our equipment and instrumentation.

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